Artists Village

Saputara is one of the marvelous places in Gujarat. This is one of the hill stations of Gujarat, the place is covered with Artists villages which make it just attractive in the eyes of tourists. The Villages are totally the spot of artistic made-up. By being in this place you will get amazed with the fine artistic things that are made by the villagers. Here you will find the tribal artifacts on display, and tourists will also get a chance to try their hands over this.

Tourists are welcomed here with open hearts and they are invited to try out their hands on warli painting and tribal craft objects. For vacationer this is one of a good place to learn about the cultures of this region. The villager also provides tourists with the facilities of accommodation at a reasonable cost. So you can visit Saputara by any means of transport, by road, by rail and by air. You can book your State Transport Bus Tickets or Private luxury coaches from Ahmedabad. Private cars are also the best options.

So make your travel to Saputara and visit the Artists Villages of this place. In the Sahyadri range, there are many villages which are mostly comprised with tribal communities. The Artists Village is a formation of tribal people only. For living their livelihood these people made artistic handicraft items which they sell to the tourists. Thus this is one of the effective places for visitors to learn some skills of craftsmanship. Mainly all showy items such as pottery, wars, pen stands, photo frames are made up by the tribal people.

There are also many other attractions of Saputara which includes of Boating Clubs, Forest Nursery and many more. So make a plan for a visit to Saputara at any time of the year. The climate of Saputara is very wonderful, you can get good private and government hotels in Saputara. But if you are interested in learning about the artifacts of Artists Village than you can easily get accommodation here and that too at a reasonable price rate.