Boating Club

Saputara is located on the second highest plateau of the Sahyadri range. Here visitors can find a cool bracing climate with a splendid scenic beauty of the valley with high mountain ranges. Saputara is the only Hill Station of Gujarat, so this has been developed as a hill resort which provides all essential amenities and other services to its tourist. The nice cool breeze of Saputara Lake will leave you feeling refreshed and full with energy. So make a plan of your visit to Saputara. This is a true place to make you relaxed.

In Saputara, there is a serene lake which is named as Saputara Lake. This is one of the main attractions of Saputara. Saputara Lake has been developed as a planned hill resort, this provides all types of services there- Hotels, Swimming Pool, Boating Clubs, Parks so you can better enjoy your holidays in Saputara. This is a real place where you can enjoy your holidays in the cool of the hills. The Saputara Lake will fill your mind with peace and calm. Boating in Saputara Lake in a row or paddle boat will give you an amazing feeling.

The Saputara Lake is deep with blue waters. You can completely enjoy yourselves by doing boating and enjoying the green slopes of the Sahyadri range and the crispy mountain air. You can completely enjoy yourself with entertainment besides the Lake. The Boating Clubs are open all day for tourists. This would be really a fun experience for you and your family. Besides this you can have fun by viewing the finest sunrise point and sunset point. Going on the hills by the ropeways will add more fun to your trip. So book your ticket now for Saputara.