Climate of Saputara

Saputara gets count among very popular tourists spot partly because of its comfortable weather. The climate of Saputara is very cozy with a summer temperature of around 27 degreeCelsius to 31 degreeCelsius where the winter temperature varies from 9 degreeCelsius to 20 degreeCelsius. The variation of average temperature ranges from 9.2 degreeCelsius (Min.) to 30.4 degreeCelsius (Max.). The monsoon reaches to Saputara in around middle of June and stays up to end of October. Saputara has cool and pleasant climate throughout the year.


The hill station Saputara refreshes the tourists throughout the year with its cool and cozy weather. Any rough temperature variation is not seen in Saputara and is a prototypical example of general and wildlife excursion tourists destination for the pollution hit and heat-scorched lives of the plains and metros. Thus any time trip to Saputara is legitimate but the ideal time or season of the tour is from middle of March to middle of November.

Various Places of Interest in Saputara

There are various places which are worth-watching and will give you complete value for tour expense. Those lookout places or places of interest are: Ropeway, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point, Boating Club, Museum, Step Garden, Rose Garden, Honey Bees Centre, Echo Point, Lake View Garden, Snake of Saputara etc. and some other religious attractions.


Temperature ranges between 27 degree C to 31 degreeC.


Temperature ranges between 7 degreeC to 18 degreeC.


This season gives Saputara a beautiful wet look, under the thick blanket of rain drops either suspended on air in misty form or being lashing on the ground. The season witnesses an adventurous atmosphere with full of clouds & fogs enclosed by the hills. After rain stops, green vegetation outspread all over the territory and waterfalls coming down the hills, a hazy look everywhere make feel a romantic atmosphere. Saputara has pleasant and cool climate throughout the year.

Specialty :

Saputara is known as the only hill station of Gujarat on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border having elegant natural beauty and a rich wildlife variation. In Saputara you'll get Grapes and Strawberry farms enabling the shopping convenience for the visitors besides the rural handicrafts.