Saputara Dang Darbar Festival

Saputara is situated at the height of 873 meters on the beginning of Sayhadri hills in Dang district of Gujarat. It is approx 170 to 180 km from Surat. It has very cozy and cool weather through out the year and complete greenery environment all over the place. This beautiful place is blessed with streams, lakes, hills, dense forest, woodlands, etc.

Saputara has many specialties and various places to visit. There are many different festivals are celebrated in Saputara such as Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and many alike. But one of the major festivals that is celebrated in Saputara region is called as Dang Darbar, which is an annual festival celebrated here in the Saputara Hills of Gujarat. It is a very important and popular festival of Dang tribe, Saputara's inhabitants woods.

Saputara hill station is complete package with a broad range of contemporary and state of art amenities. There are resorts, hotels, restaurants, clubs, museum, theater and many other several things. There is every aspect of luxury and indispensable necessities of people that have been carefully considered when the city was planned.

The Dang Darbar festival is celebrated just before few days of Holi. The fixed location or the venue of this unique festival is Ahwa nearby Saputara but this celebration has drawn its identity from the place Ahwa Darbar, a single time locale assembly (Darbar).

Men and women in group dressed in color are seen lively with the celebration during the Saputara Dang Darbar Festival. Each and every men dressed in lion clothes that goes well with colorful turban and a waistcoat. Women are appareled in Saree, blouses with massive silver jewelries. The ground of the carnival can be seen buzzing with different events and businesspersons who have come to earn money. The most amazing Dang Darbar festival is a five day running festival, which witnesses various activities such as Raas, folk dances, Garba events, dramas and songs.

In Saputara Dang Darbar festival the tribals assembled for celebrating the traditional custom of political pensions that are provided to the kings of tribal. There is jovial dance moves, music, songs, color and merry selling as well as buying of wares of tribal. Tourist who are willing to visit Saputara can participate and enjoy the celebration of this incomparable festival. The month long cultural celebration aims to draw tourists from the different part of the world to the Dang district with specific locale, culture and environment.