Echo Point

Saputara region has several attractions by which tourists can get fascinated and come to visit this place. There is an Echo Point which is located in Matheran near Saputara. One of the prime attractions of tourists is this Echo Point. This is a point where one can hear the echo of what he says. This place is totally engraved with many artistic and beautiful things all around. This Point presents his tourists with a wonderful picture of its surroundings that is covered with waterfalls and beautiful gardens. This is really one of the chief places of tourists where they feel great to enjoy.

Saputara has been made as one of the well planned hill station where all necessary services are available such as Hotels, Swimming Pool, Clubs, Theatres, Shopping Malls and other services. This is well able to plan for a delightful vacation for his tourists. In the same way Matheran has also developed well. Especially the Echo Point has well developed so that many tourists can come here. Visitors well enjoy the breath taking beauty of this location. The place is cold but the beauty is just fabulous. So have a look of this fantastic place soon.

The atmosphere is just found calm and cool. There are many other points of attractions for tourists such as King George Point, Louisa Point and Charlotte Lake. The place is just covered with dense forest and falls. Thus the place just enchants the fine and natural beauty. You can also have a visit to Forest Nursery that offers a scenic beauty of large varieties of plants and trees. This place is spotted only for its flowered plants and varieties of Hibiscus. So make your visit to Echo Point and get listen what you says from this spot.