Forest Log huts

Saputara the only Hill station of Gujarat, its name certainly means the ‘Adobe of Serpent’. This place is located at an altitude of 1000m. Saputara has been situated in the Dangs district. This is located on the plateau of Sahyadri range which is second highest plateau in India. This place has a cool refreshing climatic conditions and a wonderful scenic beauty of the valley of Saputara. Earlier Saputara is not so developed but now this has developed well and so this provides all necessary services to his guests.

This place is known as a place of tribal inhabitants. So the tribal customs are more popular here. There unique dances are of great interest for the tourists. So in the list of attractions it adds a name of Forest Log Huts which are very famous worldwide. These Huts are so popular because of its unique construction. Many of the tourists make their stay to these Huts. This is fine looking because of its architectural beauty. Tourist gets a chance to spend their day and nights in these huts. These Huts are located within the beautiful nature of Saputara where one can also feel the pleasure of natural beauty of the earth.

These unique looking Forest Log Huts are run by the Forest Department. Being in Log Huts will let the tourists to enjoy the real beauty of nature. This really gives a fine experience to one. The major parts of attraction are its neat and calm environment which blessed the surroundings with cool gentle wind and peaceful atmosphere. The Lake View Garden is also situated nearby. So one more attractive charm! Here one can pleasurably spent his time with his dear and loved ones. This is the best place for couples. This is the spectacular place of nature’s beauty.

So what are you waiting for? So soon make a plan for a visit to Saputara, the place of natural and wonderful beauty all around.