Forest Nursery

All those who come to visit Saputara will definitely visit the nearby attractions. It’s all nearby places offers tourists with a unique way of feel. Entire tourist attractions are so special that one would feel to stay at this for more days. One of such place is Forest Nursery. The Forest Nursery is run by the Forest Department of Saputara. This Nursery totally offers wide varieties plants and trees. This is a place of flowers and other green plants. So one who is nature lover definitely come to this place, this is best for them.

You can immediately find many flowered plants here. There are different varieties of Hibiscus flowers that attract many of the tourists. You can also find fruit trees, creepers and many other trees here. The sapling of frit trees assures for its quality. These are sold out in the market with reasonable prices. The Forest Nursery has been located within wonderful surroundings. The cool breeze of Nursery leaves you with the feeling of refreshment and energetic. The weather is just cool and calm for the tourists. You can feel the nature in your hand.

The best place to visit Saputara is any time of the year. Especially time from March to June is more pleasant as the range of temperature is 28°C to 38°C. At this time there held a “Grisham Mahotsav” in the month of May. This is very attractive for the tourists as they can watch the hill station with different art and cultural programmes. So all time is best, during monsoon the rainfalls quite give interesting looks. The temperature of Forest Nursery is very moderate, so visitors enjoy it in full way. There are Forest Log Huts which are famous in all worlds over. These are constructed with woods. These have a unique look.