Gira Falls of Saputara

Saputara the only Hill Station of Gujarat is famous for its outstanding beauty and calm nature. There are different things that had made this place peaceful and light. The nature is just filled with calmness all around. Some of the beauties have also been spread in the neighbor places. Here is Waghai town which is located at 52 km away from Saputara region. This is a small place where there is less number of populations. This town has been built in a superb environment. You can also say that mighty has blessed this place with beauties all around.

Waghai is also one of the major attraction, so all those who come to Saputara definitely been in this place also. Here the major tourist spot is Gira Falls. This is one of the most fabulous Falls of India. Tourist just can’t live this place. The Gira Falls has been located around 6Kms. from Waghai Village towards Saputara Road. The good time to visit this place is during monsoon i.e. from July to August. This has been believed to be one of the loveliest sightseeing. If tourists belong to Saputara than he can also take a day trip to the near Gira Falls by Bus or by his own vehicle.

Gira Falls is just located on the green hilly area which gives a quite impression of a paradise on earth. This is one of the best places for your health too, as you can get much needed oxygen for your lungs. From here you can enjoy the scenic delights of this fall. This fall is among the most pictures sight of saputara. This is a 30m natural drop into the Ambica River. The fall is open for all public, you can instantly hire jeeps and went to this place. So make a visit to this place and enjoy with the charm beauty.