Hatgadh Fort

Saputara is a place of natural beauty, this has been proved with its beautiful gardens. Saputara is well famous for its lovely Rose Gardens, Lake View Gardens and Gira falls. Besides this the place is full of historical monuments too in which one is Hatgadh Fort. This is really a discriminating and prominent fort. The architectural beauty is just outstanding. The height of fort is about 3,600 feet. This is an ancient fort, it is located in Mulher in Nashik district of Maharashtra. Mulher is situated at the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The location of the fort is just tremendous as it’s on the above peak of the Sahyadri ranges. This is 6Km away from Saputara on Gujarat and Maharashtra border. This is a grand old fort. Hatgadh Fort let you to have a great view of the surrounding areas. This fort just shows you the enriched beauty of Sahyadri Hills. The history of this fort is also very unique, this has been constructed by the great King of Marathas, Chattrapati Shivaji when he was ruling. On your way to Hatgadh Fort you have to travel through a narrow passage that is carved with the rocky terrains.

The beauty and calmness of Fort would fill you with great pleasure and delight. On the top point of the fort there is a beautiful idol of lord Ganesha which generate purity among the visitors. So if you want to feel the calmness of Sahyadri ranges with worship of Lord Ganesha in front than you must visit Hatgadh Fort. You can click down your pictures in the fort with your dear ones. Saputara is also a place for shopping hunts, so make your full shopping here. You can get various types of clothing items and other handicrafts which are made by the tribal people.

Make a full plan of visiting to Saputara and its nearby places. Enjoy with the mixture of beauty and calmness of nature. For adventure lovers also there are many exciting activities.