Generally very less tourists come to visit in Museum, but museum of Saputara has its own fascinating culture. Mainly children are not attracted towards museum. Especially elders and other researchers like to visit Museum. The museum of Saputara is located in the middle of the city. The Museum is situated near the main market in the Saputara city. This is also one of the prime attractions of visitors. You can find various unique ancient things in the museum that can just attract visitors to it.

The Museum is small but just display history of previous people with its presence. This has been constructed on the theme of tribal people life as they are the actual inhabitants of Saputara. Within Museum you can find the display of the lifestyle of tribal people. All there ornaments, musical instruments and traditional displays are kept safely inside the museum. Every year traditional workshop is also organized for displaying the things of tribes. The entry fee of people is also very reasonable. So you should make a visit to Saputara Museum for getting the lifestyle of tribal people.

The Museum is constructed as an age old house which successfully displays about the culture and life of tribal people who previously lives in Dang District of Gujarat. Here you can find a great display of traditional items which includes of all handicrafts made with bamboo such as pen stands, key chains, jewellery and masks. Within other handicrafts it includes of sarangis, kitchen items, paintings and other items that are used by them. The Museum specifically focuses on the Dang Tribe, as this tribe only mentions the history of tribals in detail.

Other than Museum, one can also make a visit to Hatgadh Fort. This is one of the oldest forts of Saputara which attracts tourists to visit this place. Other than historical things this is a nice adventure place for youngsters too. Trekking is a common adventurous activity which can be done in Saputara Hills.