Places to Visit in Saputara

Snake of Saputara:

A snake sculpture is placed near the stream, at the pedestal of the Saputara Lake. This sculpture is known a snake of saputara. Local tribes including Dangis worship the snake of Saputara.

Townview Point:

As the name implies this point makes you have a aerial view of the whole saputara town. One can even relax under the naked sky amidst the gentle breeze of the cool & cozy climate while watching and enjoying the scenic colorful view of saputara town while the whole town looks illuminated with multi-color lights after the sunset.

Vansda National Park:

This Park is originally private woodland of maharaja of Vansada. This park now covers an area of twenty four square kilometer. Regardless of its small size the park inhabits various dangerously beautiful and wild creatures like tiger, pangolin, giant squirrel, leopard, rusty-spotted cat, python, etc. Advanced permission from the forest department are necessary for visiting this Vansda national park.

Valley view point:

As the name implies this point makes you have a aerial view of the whole Saputara valley. Valley view point is on a peak in Saputara location in the Sahyadri range. From the Valley view point one can get a marvelous aerial view of the whole Saputara value. More adventure loving travelers goes for a steep climb of the hill to reach to valley view point. Lying on the green velvety lawns to feel the gifts of the nature, valley view point is magnificent.

Religious Attraction:

There is different Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Jain Temple, Swaminarayan Temple & Bhramha kumari Art Gallery.

Shopping Malls:

Shopping is one of the many tourist attractions of the hill station saputara. One can pick up beautiful artifact and handicrafts including jewelry, key chains, paintings, pen stands, pottery, vases, and maid from bamboo and other local materials.World famous paintings made out of dried fruits are among the main attraction from the saputara to spend you money upon.

Other Places:

Other places include Mini-Aquarium, Millenium Garden, Table Point, Governor Hill, Swami Narayan Mandir, Brahmakumari's Art Gallery, Jain Temple etc.

Two neighborhood places near to Saputara (Gateway to Saputara):

1. Ahwa:

Ahwa city known as a gateway to Saputara situated in 42 km from Saputara. This tourist spot in the map of Gujarat is the District headquarters of Dangs. The Ahwa city is well known for the tribal festival named Dangs Darbar hold during Holi festival. The temple named Dandkeshwar Mahadev Temple is among the main attraction in Ahwa, dedicated to Lord Shiva. To the tourists heading their way to saputara, Ahwa is a nice halting place. During their halting period tourists can enjoy spectacular show of Dangi dance performed in fast pace in an acrobatic movement and taking pleasure of other entertaining events of the Ahwa region.

2. Waghai:

Waghai town known as the main gateway to Saputara situated in 52 km from Saputara. Waghai is a beautiful lazy small town built up in an exquisite surrounding. It is a nearby attraction to Saputara located in the Dangs district of Gujarat. Gira falls or GiraDhodh is the most spectacular water falls nearby and a camp site can be procured by the tourists for camping purpose by the permission of the forest department. A botanical garden with different species of plants and vegetations can be observed nearby in Waghai. The Vandsa National park is another tourist attraction nearby where one can experience wildlife environment.

On the total, Saputara is a fascinating place and if you are living in or close to Surat or Mumbai, then you must certainly visit this place.