Near by Tourist places to Saputara

Botanical Garden:

Its situated in about 49 kms. From Saputara. A huge garden spreading over twenty four hectare with 1,400 species of plant from all over the India. The novice nature lovers can wonder at different varieties of bamboo like the Golden Bamboo, Chinese Bamboo, and Beer Bottle Bamboo etc. and enjoy meandering along the beautiful passages each queued with different species of tree.

Gira Falls:

Its situated in about 49 kms. From Saputara. It is located at a fair distance from Saputara on Waghai Road which takes you to a enormous clearing where the vivid Gira Falls emerging from the tributary named Kapri can be viewed.

Mahal Forest:

Its situated in about 68 kms. From Saputara. Nurturing the rich wildlife there exist a dense forest in Gujarat. This forest remains open for specific period of time during the year. Tourists requires permission of the local forest department to visit Mahal forest.

Unnai Mata Temple & Hot Spring:

Its situated in about 68 kms. From Saputara. It is located in the vicinity of Waghai. There is a hot spring attached to this famous temple what is among the major attraction list for its healing effect from chronicle health diseases.


Its situated in about 48 kms. From Saputara. It is a Dangi village situated near the Gira Falls, well known for producing bamboo products. The village tribal makes various wooden products like toys & lamps out of bamboo roots.

Girmal Falls:

Its situated in about 85 kms. From Saputara. On the Mahal Singana road there situated Girmal falls which demonstrates eye-catching and soothing monsoon sight. The hill side facing the falls is filled with rare flora.

Dang Darbar:

Its situated in about 40 kms. From Saputara. An annual festival held prior to Holi celebrated by some local tribes exhibits very colorful activities. It is celebrated in the month of March to April at Ahwa. It's actually five day colorful ceremony where the tribal present merry making music, dance, colour and selling & buying of tribal wares.

Hatgadh Fort:

Its situated in about 6 kms. From Saputara. Hatgadh fort is situated on Nasik road having a huge water tank on the top of the fort. Here you can see fascinating view of Saputara, Shimla range and Hatgadh.

Saptashringi Devi Mandir:

Its situated in about 68 kms. from Saputara. Saptashringi known as one of the sister of Kali (Hindu Goddess). Sapta stands for seven and shring stands for pinnacle so Saptashringi means the mountain with seven peaks. This temple is visited by the religious followers throughout the year and the rush period is Dasera when a fair is organized where lakhs of devotees visit the mandir during Navarathra.