Saputara Reviews

Saputara is a world famous hill station located in the Southern part Gujarat's Dang District. It is situated in a Dang forest area plateau of the Sahyadri range. It is a sophisticatedly planned hill station that lies about 170 km from Surat and aroud 80 km from Nashik city. Saputara signifies the Adobe of Serpents, which is an image of snake on the river bank of Sarpagana and worshiped on festivals such as Holi by the Adivasis (Tribals). This hill station has a cool and refreshing climate, which remains almost very cozy throughout the year. The temperature goes higher in the months of summer is not up to 28 degrees C.

If you are planning to visit this place to spend your leisure time or holidays then you can take the help of Saputara guide that provides all the required information about this hill station. Saputara has been equipped with all sorts of necessary amenities such as hotels, resorts, parks, swimming pools, lakes, boat club, a museum and theaters in order to make your holiday enjoyable. It attracts numerous tourist to its natural scenic lap having its impressive view, zippy location and cozy climate.

Saputara has fantastic waterfalls that are ideal for looking sunrise & sunset. In the season of gratifying monsoon, Saputara provides many exciting scenes for the nature lovers. The Saputara Lake offers pleasing surroundings and lusting greenery, which is the major attraction of the visitors. There are boating facilities available on the lake like row boats or paddle boats.

Gujarat's only hill station Saputara has so many places to visit including Saputara Lake, Purna Sanctuary, Vansda National Park, The Ropewar, Valley View Point, Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Unnai Mata temple, Ambapada, Sunrise & Sunset Point, Artist Village, Waghai, Gira Falls, Museum, Botanical Garden, Vanil Udyog and many others. In order to get the details and more information you can consider Saputara guide that offers complete details about the places to visit, accommodation, adventure spots and others.