Saputara Lake

Saputara literally signifies the ‘abode of serpents’. This place is popularly known for the beautiful hill station located in the Dang District of Gujarat state in India. It is situated in the dense forest highland in the Sahyadri hills range, at the height of 875 meters, Saputara provides a cozy climate and eye-catching view of abundant greenery. This only hill station of Gujarat, which is small enough that can be completely covered by foot. It holds number of places that are counted as the hub of tourists where they love to spend their spare time.

However, anyone can visit Saputara through out the year but the best considered visiting time would be from the middle of the month of March to November. This hill station has been developed as a well-organized hill resort having hotels, parks, swimming pools, theaters, garden, water falls etc. It has various picturesque and gardens that makes this garden like an ideal getaway. The social group (tribal) of Saputara also draws visitor attentions for their specific dance, which is dotted with the villages, Adivasi tribal, and their dance style.

Saputara has many places to visit such as Artists Village, Snake of Saputara, Echo Point, Boating Club, Forest Nursery, Forest Log huts, Lake View Garden, Hatgadh Fort, Honey Bees Centre, Nageshwar Temple, Museum, Ropeway, Pandava caves, Purna Sanctuary, Rose Garden, Saputara Lake, Step Garden, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Step Garden and many others. In between these all beautiful places Saputara Lake is one of the main attractions of the hill resort.

Saputara Lake is a secluded and calm picnic spot, which is placed right at the region of Saputara valley. It is a man made artificial lake and its surroundings are offered with many different facilities for enjoyment. Its main attraction is boating having a nominal entrance charge, which is really a fantastic experience. Rows and paddle boats are available for the interested tourists. The surrounding of lake attracts many tourists to spend some quality time on the Saputara lake bank to relax.