Saputara Map

Gujarat is one of the cultural places of India which is just a combination of different colors and moods of the people of India. This is one of the best places near saputara for the visitors. Gujarat is the best place for spending your holidays. Many tourists visit here all the year with their friends and family members. Saputara is a hill station of Gujarat which is located at an altitude of 873m above the sea level on a plateau in the Dang forest within the area of the Sahyadyi range.

Saputara is the best place to visit during the summer days as its temperature goes up to as high as 28 degree C. This time is the best for visitors. Saputara has different tourist places to visit. Some of its artistic made ups are the artistic villages of this place which are placed in clean and wide paved roads. Saputara is a clean hill station which sprinkles its beauty in the night with the moonlight. The cold wind that blows from Sahyadri ranges is just like a fine touch that delivers the environment with a fine bright afternoon light.

There are various places that can be visited in Saputara. You can have Saputara Map before making a visit to this place. There is Hatgadh Forest, oldest Museums, Vansda National Park and Lake View Gardens which are the major tourist spots. Other than this the beauty of Saputara is counted among its Sunrise and Sunset Points. This delivers a panoramic view of rising sun. The Ropeway and Gira Falls are among the best attractions of Saputara. So with having a Saputara Map tourist can easily locate the beauty of the place.