Saputara Packages to Enjoy Vacations at Saputara

Saputara has the eminence of being the only hill station located in Gujarat, India. This tranquil and calm small town is placed at an altitude of approx 1,000 m. It has very enjoyable climate, which is consistently almost same chilly, throughout the year but its beauty really get enhanced in the monsoon season. It is good to see and take pleasure of ultimate wet beauty of this hill station in Monsoon days.

Name of Saputara literally stands for 'abode of serpents,' according to the fact by the presence of an sculpture of a snake on the Sarpagana river shore that flows through the city. The image of image is worshiped by the tribal region folk, particularly during popular Indian festivals like Holi. No doubt that Saputara has so many beautiful places to visit and Saputara Lake is the one of the main attractions of this hill station. From Saputara Lake you can easily hire sailboats, rowing boats and paddleboats and to enjoy pleasure of boating in the lake.

Saputara Tourist attractions

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The Sun Rise and Sun Set Points give panoramic and multifaceted scenes of the sun. It also gives a complete view of this hill resort. There are various gardens are present in Saputara such as Lake Garden, Rose Garden and Step Garden. These all gardens are considered as a perfect place to spend around. Saputara Packages provides complete facilities that all your required like accommodation, tours, transportation facilities, etc. You can easily enjoy your spare time by visiting sightseeing tours, shopping places, wildlife campaigns, hill stations, parks and also lots more things to have fun-filled vacations with family and friends.