Saputara Step Garden

Saputara hill station of Gujarat Dang district is one of the most beautiful holiday places in India. It is considered as a very pleasant and enchanting destination. It is the only densely wooded hill station town located in the southern tip. Many tourists come from different parts of the India as well as from aboard to spend their holidays in adventures ways.

Ropeways, boating, swimming pools, club are the best attraction of this beautiful place. Weather of Saputara is really very cozy and the climate remains mostly cool during the whole year. Monsoon rain puts more thrills in Saputara and enhances its beauty. Saputara is also best known for its wildlife outing tours, flourished wildlife resources and pleasing beauty.

However it is popular for the several worth-watching tourist places. One another striking place in Saputara is step garden, which has the unique feature of a garden arranged in steps. The exceptional features of the Step Garden are the layout and design of the steps. Flowerpots and plants with wooden work crafted around it support the steps. In this beautiful place there are so many facilities for visitors for staying here in the various Forest Huts as per their choice.

Forest huts are specifically designed and made for the total comfort to stay of the tourists, which are placed amidst of the garden. Saputara Step Garden is well organized to offer different varieties of floras and plants. For the children garden has open space to play around. This is a very attractive place for spending the evenings away from city hustle and bustle.

The Step Garden of Saputara is an outstanding picnic place. This beautiful garden can be visited at anytime throughout the year, but its beauty enhances in between the month of March-April and July-August. Nearby airport is Mumbai, approx 250 km. away and the nearest railway station is Billimora. Apart from Step Garden, in Saputara there are also various places to watch out that will give you worth value of your tour expense.