Saputara Things To Do

The beautiful solitary hill station that is located to the state of Gujarat, border with Maharashtra, is the Dangi district Saputara. Cuddled up in the Sahyadari Range, Saputara is at an altitude of about 1000 meters. This hill station is one of the fast gaining recognition as a peaceful and serene location, free of the clamor associated with modern resorts and yet providing the best of facilities that tourists usually anticipate at such holiday destinations.

It has a very cool breezy climate, the maximum temperature even in the months of the summer doesn’t exceed 28°C, Saputara named and symbolized the abode of serpents and a snake icon on the banks of the River Sarpagana, which is worshipped by the group of Adivasis people on festivals such as Holi.

Saputara hill station is complete package with a broad range of contemporary and state of art amenities. There are resorts, hotels, restaurants, clubs, museum, theater and many other several things. There is every aspect of luxury and indispensable necessities of people that have been carefully considered when the city was planned.

There are numerous places and things to do in Saputara where you can visit. You can take a trip of the Vansda National Park that is wonderfully maintained wildlife sanctuary. In this sanctuary there are leopards, tigers, python, squirrels, four horned antelopes and many different species of animals. There is one more wildlife sanctuary named as Purna Sanctuary, which is thick deciduous forest region located on the Western Ghats. There are regularly trekking trips and outings are carried out. Though for visiting both of the places you will need to get earlier permission for entrance.

You can also enjoy your vacation by some exciting boating trips. Saputara is a desirable place of many different lakes, which are striking and picturesque combination of natural reserves. Boat rides in one of the beautiful lakes allows having a nice look at the amazing sceneries of the environs. Other places in Saputara to visit are ‘Sunrise Point’ and ‘Sunset Point’.

In Saputara there are many different sorts of gardens having collections of amazing variety of roses and also there are various ways that flowers and plants are implanted, which are lined up and beautifully arranged.

Saputara things to do list have various places, like you can plan a trip to visit the Gira Falls that is from Saputara at a distance of around 52 kilometers. The waterfalls located there is one of the most fabulous sights in the region. There is abundance of hotel accommodations available in this place for making your trip joyful with lots of fun.