Trekking in Saputara

Saputara hill station is a center of attraction for youth. Many groups of youth comes to visit Saputara to enjoy the adventure and thrill on its different popular sites. There are many stunning options of adventures are there. It is really a fantastic vacation place for trekking along with various established as well as admired trekking trails and different undiscovered pathways, still remains with fresh surroundings and atmosphere.

Saputara has many specialties and various places to visit. There are many different festivals are celebrated in Saputara such as Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas and many alike. But one of the major festivals that is celebrated in Saputara region is called as Dang Darbar, which is an annual festival celebrated here in the Saputara Hills of Gujarat. It is a very important and popular festival of Dang tribe, Saputara's inhabitants woods.

An adventurous tourist to visit Saputara can take on trekking in the hills of Saputara, nature is placed all around the Saputara Lake, valley view point to hill climbing. Camping in the forest of Saputara densely wooden hills and many energizing adventurous activities can be enjoyed.

Trekking in Saputara forests and hills bears gentle to tough challenges to the trekkers. Its wandering and rough tracks through a dense cover of forest are the precious and some natural joys and adventures of an other than highly-developed booming Gujarat.

Saputara is indeed very captivating to enjoy Trekking in the accepted trekking trails to Tridhara nearby Dhupgarh and Rajat Pratap. Trekking trails in Saputara widen up to Sangam. Moderate trekking trails from the location of Jata Pura Hills and Khud to Sunder Kund and other top of the hill temple attracts many tourists.

To enjoy the thrilling adventures of trekking in Saputara you can come here by diffent means of transportation. By road from the Waghai town Saputara is 51 km away, from Mumbai it is 250 km, Surat it is 164 km, Ahmedabad it is 409 km, and from Vadodara it distance about 309 km.

You an also opt State buses of Transport and private luxury coaches from Ahmedabad and Waghai. If you are interested to come by your private car, then National Highway will be faster, but also state highway offers a spectacular scenic drive.

From Saputara Waghai is the nearest railway station and by air the nearest airport is Vadodara that is 309 km away. So, plan your holidays this time to Saputara for amazing trekking and to enjoy various stunning places.