Have a view of sunset from sunset Point

Saputara is one of the beautiful and densely wooded Hill Station which is situated in the Dang District of Gujarat in the southern side. Saputara is one of the splendid places which inherit all the beauty in itself. All the views of Saputara are just amazing and marvelous. The most enchanting views are of setting of sun. When the mixture of red and orange light of sun covered the blue sky within itself than the view is just unsaid. As it’s said that the beauty of nature can’t be explained from face to face. This is an experience to feel down.

So for joining the experience of enchanting beauty you have to move on to Saputara and its Sunset Point. This is a spectacular attraction of Saputara, this place is also known as Gandhi Shikhar Peak. To have the fine view of sunset tourist are needed to make a walk of 1Km to the town. For those who can face problems in walking can make use of ropeways. By ropeway you can certainly need 10 min to cross. This is also one of the fine ideas to make a view of Sunset Point. The sight of setting of sun is really an awesome view which no visitors can miss out.

With great views there are other fun things for children and as well as for elders. There is Vansda National Park which children can enjoy most. Here are swings and ladder for them with which they can enjoy themselves in full way. Here is a museum which displays the various lifestyles and culture of the tribal people. So no one can feel bored in this lace. For all age groups here are some entertainments provided. So enjoy in full way in Saputara.