The Ropeway

Riding on Ropeway just gives a unique pleasure. Sitting on the cable cars and moving on the rope mainly 25-30 feet above the earth. This is simply a pleasant experience and more in that viewing the below area from the above side. Everyone gets enjoyed with this sight. In Saputara there is a ropeway service provided by the Vaity Resort. On the way to moving to the sunset point tourist can take the Ropeway service. For all those visitors who cannot walk through the way of 2Km are provided with the Ropeway. Through Ropeway you can have the nature’s Saputara picture and photos sight seeing all around.

The Ropeway Services is best for old people and physically handicapped ones who can’t make a single walk. Through Ropeway you can make a ride of 15 minutes and than can reach your way to Govemor’s hill. This ride will gives you a bird’s eye view of Saputara. So if you are going to plan out than keep this that you can take jeeps for going to that destination. The Cable Car can take at least 12 passengers in it. The charge of cable car is reasonable and so cheap. So make your journey enjoyable by moving in the cable car.

With this Ropeway you can travel all around Saputara and can view its beauty in a best way. The Sunrise and Sunset point is just awesome, so don’t miss the chance of visiting these sites. Other than this child can fully enjoy in the Purana Sanctuary and Vandsa National Park where there are many things for them. These places have lots of wildlife species so you can feel great in enjoying with them. Saputara have some great views which is just not possible to find any other way. Make your plan and have a visit soon.