Tourist Places in Saputara

There are various places which are worth-watching and will give you complete value for tour expense. Those lookout places or places of interest are: Artists Village, Boating Club, Echo Point, Forest Nursery, Forest Log huts, Hatgadh Fort, Honey Bees Centre, Lake View Garden, Museum, Nageshwar Temple, Purna Sanctuary, Pandava caves, Ropeway, Rose Garden, Step Garden, Saputara Lake, Sunset Point, Sunrise Point, Step Garden, Snake of Saputara, Town view Point, Vansda National Park, Valley view point, Religious Attraction, Shopping Malls, Mini-Aquarium, Millenium Garden, Table Point, Governor Hill, Swami Narayan Mandir, Brahmakumari's Art Gallery, Jain Temple etc. and some other religious attractions.

Artists Village:

In the Dangs of Saputara there exist more than 300 villages out of which 94% are of tribal communities. The Bhils, the Gamits, the Kunbis, the Warlis and are the members of the local tribal communities who depend on the forest for their livelihood obtaining timber, collecting honey and lacs. The artist's village is formed with such people from tribal communities. Artists village is a wonderful place to interact with the local timber and pick up bamboo-made artifacts crafts persons who are from aforesaid tribal communities. Artists village is situated on the Saputara - Nashik main road. This place displays handicrafts made by the locals. Visitors can pick up pieces of jewelry, key chains, paintings, pen stands, pottery, vases, and maid from bamboo and other local materials. Kids can learn the art of craftsmanship in the workshops organized by the artists.

Boating Club:

In the heart of the valley of Saputara there exist extremely tranquil lakes named Saputara Lake which will make you feel complete peace of mind. It is about 21 meters deep and is extended in the vast valley encircled by the hilly terrain. You can hire rowing and paddle boats to have a boating experience in the lake. Various types of fun-game & entertainment facilities for children are available near the lake.

Echo Point:

As the name indicates Echo Point is the place which bring into being the echo through resonance. Echo point is placed near Matheran, Saputara. Here one can hear the echo of what he says. Its one of the main places of interest among a host of tourist destination in Saputara. In echo point, there one can find picturesque environment with many waterfalls enriching the fascinating beauty of the location. The atmosphere is mind tranquilizing and cool in weather. Some of the many tourist spots are Louisa point, King George Point and Charlotte Lake

Forest Nursery:

Forest Nursery offers varieties of vegetation. This nursery is managed by the forest department. Flowered plants. Saplings of fruit trees, creepers and many others are showcased here and one can buy these saplings for a minimum price. The nursery is developed in picturesque surroundings.

Forest Log huts:

Saputara Forest Log huts of are very famous. The main enticement of these log huts are its singularity in construction. The constructional beauty of these log huts are worth watching. Visitors are given permission to spend the day and night in forest log huts in wilderness for giving an real experience of merging with nature and enjoying all gifts of nature.

Hatgadh Fort:

Hatgadh Fort is an excellent and protruding architectural beauty at an altitude of about 3,500 feet. It is one of the most archaic forts situated in Mulher which is in Nasik district of Maharastra. This is situated close to Saputara and in Gujarat-Maharashtra border. It is located in a majestic location in the Sahyadri range.

Honey Bees Centre:

Honey bee center is a place where honeybees are nurtured and where you can see how the pure honey are extracted from the honeycomb. It is situated in a place facing the garden. It also perceives the tourists about the honey industry operational data i.e. how the industrial production of honey are made. Tourists can buy purest honey from here, though bit costly.

Lake View Garden:

A this garden is situated at the banks of Saputara lake. Lake Garden is a very beautiful as well as a well- maintained garden and an excellent picnic spot. This garden is build up in lush green environment. Many amenities are available for mainly children which includes a playground. This is a nice site for an evening walk or a hasty evening trip. Other attractions nearby are Artist Village, Mini Aquarium, Rose Garden and Sunset point.


Saputara Museum is a nice museum situated at the center of the Saputara city close to the main market. It exhibits the variation in culture and lifestyles of the tribal population. Saputara Museum exhibits spectacular exhibition of diversity of clothes, traditional artifacts, utensils, lifestyles, house objects, ornaments, musical instruments, and many other objects which the native tribes called Dangis uses.