Vansda National park

The Vansda National Park has been established in Saputara in 1979. The name of the park was named Vansda because that area was particularly owned by the Maharaja of Vansda. This is an oldest National park of Saputara. This Park extensively covers around an area of about 24 sq. km in the mountains of Western Ghats or Sahyadri. This Park is controlled by the Government. The nearest town to this park is Waghai. Many tourists had been to this National park to watch its various attractions.

The main attractions of Vandsa National Park are Leopards, Spider, Bears and Racket-tailed Drongo. The National Park is small in size but than also there are large varieties of flora and fauna. This is just comprised with densely wooded forest mainly Moist deciduous and Dry deciduous which is almost covered with tall teak trees, bamboo, mango groves and large creepers. This is one of popular National Park of Gujarat state. There is also a Purana Sanctuary Park in Saputara. There are quite more than 200 species of plants that mostly include of various types of Orchids.

Within National Park you can see dense forest so this appears darkness even in daytime. The ferns and mushrooms are also found in this Vandsa National Park. Sometime forest looks scary because in the daytime also this seems to be dark and dense. There is Ambika River in the National Park where you can be enchanted with the varieties of colorful and delicate orchids. The best time to visit this park is from the post-monsoon season to winters i.e. from May to October.

You can easily get here by any mode of transport. As the park is situated close to National Highway 8 and this is bisected by the Waghai-Vandsa State Highway. You can get Bus for this National Park. There is nearest railway station, Waghai with which you can reach to Saputara. Through Air, the nearest Airport is in Surat i.e.120 Km away. So make your next trip to Saputara.