More Tourist places in Saputara

Nageshwar Temple:

Nageshwar Mahadeva temple is an archaic temple situated on the bank of river Saurashtra. It is a pretty sacred place situated between Bet Dwaraka and Dwaraka islands near to Saputara. The temple shrines the deity of God Shiva which is positioned in an underground sanctum and its among the 12 Jyothirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple appeals to many thousands of adherent from near and far.

Purna Sanctuary:

Spreading across the area of over 160 square kilometers, there exists a sanctuary named as Purna Sanctuary. It is a division of a moist and dense forest situated in the Western Ghat of Gujarat. From 60 kilometer of north of the Dangs this sanctuary is situated, Purna and Gira rivers crosses the sanctuary. Advanced permission from the forest department are necessary for visiting purna sanctuary.

Pandava caves:

Pandava Caves is recognized as Aravalem caves are well known by the mythical stories of Mahabharata. These caves are situated in an environment of the woods and wild inhabitants at Valpoi in the North Goa district of Goa-Gujarat border. It is believed that in these caves Pandavas spends some of their time during their hideout days in forest and offered prayers to God Shiva in these caves.


A ride focusing your journey towards the Sunset Point passing through a beautiful valley. This ride becomes quite elegant as well as unforgettable on a moonlit night. Some refreshments with delicious foods & beverages are also available at Sunset Point. This is one of the most attractive items of Saputara. It gives a joyful ten minute complete tour across the valley with a prompt birds eye view. It make its start of the journey from Hotel Vaity by which this ropeway service is organized and approaches the sunset point then takes a U-turn and proceeds back to its starting point. It gives a amazing view of the whole saputara hill-station

Rose Garden:

It is a garden having various types of rose that offers amazing places for tourist to gaze at, while roaming around Saputara. This garden offers the tourists nice opportunity to retain the peace of mind to the body through relaxation. The sight of different Roses with amusing various colors is spectacular. The Rose Garden, as the name implies, is a fabulous garden with various flowering plants.

Step Garden:

One of many attractive places in Saputara, step garden has the exceptional feature of a garden that is built in steps. This garden is full of many varieties of flowers and plants and is well maintained. The steps of this garden are decorated with gorgeous plants and flower pots in the midst of pleasant woods. For the comfort of the visitors a forest hut is made arranged.Garden has ample wide space for children to stroll around. This place is ideal for spend your leisure time away out from the town hustle and bustle.

Saputara Lake:

Saputara Lake, a peaceful and quiet picnic spot, is positioned right at the centre of Saputara valley. There is many merry making facilities available for the children especially with playground and childrens park. This lake is placed right on the base of the saputara hill station and having a amazing hilly milieu. You can have boating or rowing in the lake where the paddle boats and rowing boats are provided.

Sunset Point:

It is in the walking distance from the town to watch the atmosphere having a bathe during twilight. From the Vaity ropeway resort you can reach to the sunset point or through hilly passageway to the hill top. Setting of the sun behind the mysterious layers amidst the fainting lights and surrounded by hilly landscape is really a splendid view to watch at, what no visitor can afford to miss out. Sunset point also makes you have a look of the breath taking aerial view of nearby tribal villages.

Now, this point is known as Valley View Point. Sunset point provides beautiful view of the valley, not only during sun-rise but at any point time during the day.

Sunrise Point:

To have a look at the sun spreading its beautiful soft-morning-rays during the dawn on the greenery below is a site to take pleasure in. This point gives the tourist a spectacular view of Saputara. The naming restricts the tourist traffic to this best place as tourists believe that the point should only be visited at sun rise, however, one may visit it at any time of the day to catch a panoramic view. The Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recommended renaming this point as Valley View Point to attract more and more tourists.